WavingWelcome! On this website you can find lots of children’s activities: coloring pages, dot-to-dots, copy-the-pictures, mazes, find-the-twins, star polygons, and word searches.

I have animal, food, and toy coloring pages so far. Note that the animal coloring pages vary in difficulty. The dot-to-dots are available in animals and foods so far. The mazes come in various shapes, such as a boot, STOP sign, and spider web. I have 34 find-the-matching pair (also called find-the-twins), each subject varying at least somewhat. Star Polygons are very unique activities, and are connected to math. When you join the vertices in a certain order, there’s a surprise! The word searches come with answer keys, and they each have at least ten words to find. The copy-the-pictures come in over one hundred animals. Some are harder than others. One of the grids is empty, the other has a picture. You need to copy the animal to the empty grid.

All the activities are PDFs. You can download them after opening them.

However, if you don’t want to download the activities one by one, you can simply purchase the activities
as inexpensive books. You can see them at my page of books.

You can also see my mascot, Starbot Man (there’s a picture of him at the right). You can find a few activities of him, also in PDFs. There is also a gallery of ALL my pictures of him. You can click on them to see them better, and then you can zoom in!

If you find an error, please contact me to let me know. You can also request an activity, such as a “crab dot-to-dot”.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!/font>